Children Playground

The first steps in the Camping

There are many children who have played and grown up in the playground of the campsite, over the years has been improved every effort to make it better so the youngest ones can have their space and have fun, and of course the security has been improved.


Here are the rockers, swings, slide and a large wooden house to climb and to have a great time!


If one day you feel like , you have the possibility to visit the Multiadventures located 200 m from the site. In the same enclosure, every morning, summer activities and entertainment are organized for children with Adventure and Arts feelings, they will be very entertained and above all they will learn a lot.

Of course they will love the Farm School, where they learn to know better the animals and have the possibility to make several artisanal works: Bread, Cheese, Pottery, etc ... игровой автомат столб скачать.